One Day Her Prince Will Come by William Nixon

she has lived in a cave, she has lived in a cottage
she could be your twin, but she never ages past ten
her forest cape has stolen the last autumn red
the heart in her basket has leathered like an old shoe
she devours the weak & the lame, yet she’s thin as a flame
this girl who eats princes like hot buttered sunshine
she has stolen your tongue to tell beautiful lies
I do, I do, I do…
she graces the note card I’ve bought for you,
my darling, this fairy tale that turns my face blue

Will Nixon is the author of “Love in the City of Grudges” and “My Late Mother as a Ruffed Grouse” as well as several chapbooks. His poem, “One Day Her Prince Will Come,” grew out of collaborative writings with Mary Kathryn Jablonski. He lives in Woodstock, NY and occasionally blogs at

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