Harvester by Cesar De Leon

How serene the harvest moon
on the charming edge
of a polished knife.

How familial the flutter
of black-witch moths
around the buttery porch light.

I find solace in the pause before
my first stride across
your doorway’s shadow,

Zen in each
measured velvet footstep
down your corridor,

when the  drip  drip  drip  of blood
matches             my            heartbeat.

César L. De León is a resident of McAllen Texas, and is a candidate for an MFA in creative writing at The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley. His poetry has been published in the anthologies Along the River 2: More Voices From the Rio Grande, and Juventud!: Growing up on the Border, among other anthologies and journals. Most recently César’s poetry was included in the February 2015 issue of The Acentos Review.

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