Issue Two

Life on the News Feed by C.D. CarterA lifetime and a half of trending topics had ripped through Victor Wake’s Twitter feed, but never this, never #help.

Bringing Back Beulah in the Bomb Shelter by Carly BergIt was the summer of Ouija boards and spell-casting and levitations that almost worked. We half-dozen little girls passed the long hot days in the cool basement bomb shelter, scaring ourselves silly.

Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate by Scott Williams –  Breakfast for dinner, he thought. Breakfast for dinner for one. He slid the bacon around the pan with the spatula, and sighed. It was then that he heard the note. An A. A above middle C.

To the Place of Ashes by S. WarrenderThe uninvited dream made itself at home. Jane opened her eyes and nudged Tom. “Sunday’s my one day to sleep, and you wake me at—” He squinted at the clock. “—six?”

Lost Pages by Leah EriksonThe rare book dealer always watches. In all weather, in all seasons, he would be there: leaning in the doorway of his storefront, watching, smoking a cigarette.

Nothing Simple About Simon by Angel Zapata –  The odd thing about Simon Klempson was his ability to listen with his eyes. He could blink his eyelids rapidly and tune into conversations three homes away.

God Eat God by John Randall Williams It took a long time to figure out where I am. About 10,000 years and that’s no exaggeration. There’s some pretty heavy time compression involved. My name is Roger McEmbry.

Black Holes by Vrinda Pendred Feltham had never been especially frightened of the dark or confined spaces, but when Kingdon announced they would be creeping their neo-bathyspheres into a cavern over 30,000 feet below the surface, something in his throat knotted up like a badly done tie.