Issue Three

The Garden Blooms in Silver by Sebastian Tolhurst The days, the weeks, the months, the years spent staring out the window.  I’ve been here four years now, just sitting, gazing out the port.

Clickerland by MV MontgomeryBy 2062, the country had finally become a peaceable place to live. No more wars or terrorist threats.  Everybody had friended everybody else.

The Old Man Had Gravity by Don HartshornHe seemed so frail in the huge hospital bed, lying in the center with the covers tucked up under his arms, like a doll in a toy bassinet.  With his wild, thin white hair and his lined, mustached face that carried years of heartache and triumph he could have been anyone’s grandfather spending his last days under constant supervision.

Eternal Insurance by Halo Garrity – Leo Stoad’s nose wrinkled in distaste as he examined the slightly shabby exterior of the industrial park offices he stood in front of. He had sealed many an agreement in less salubrious surroundings than these; however the type of deals that involved skirting the edges of legality and morality had in recent years been left to those lower down the food chain.

Deeper Still by Andrew Price  – “Deeper still, Henry.” My words were steady and low, and he knew there was no arguing. The submarine blipped his response for him, and bubbles frenzied outside the porthole windows and up towards the surface.

Family by John BieseckerThe hotel lights flash, two blocks away. Just one more splash of neon in the corridor of ugly lights. Welcome to Vegas, Bobby.

Chrysalis by MK SauerThe world is dark and the world is cold. I open my eyes and it remains the same.

Parts is Parts by R.L. CherryWillis Williams leaned back in his time-worn oak desk chair and relit his half-chewed cigar.



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