Miracle by Brit Graham

For Rowan

A star unfurls in a womb,
blowing bubbly in embryonic fluid,
chipping bits of maker,
by piece.

You fell, a little
at a time. Taking care
to settle like silt
in the bottom of a
bracken stream.
Nestling seed, finding
just the sort of hole
to bury yourself in.

Stealing bits of genetic code
and stardust, expounding a
freckled and blue nebulae
until all that we’re left with
is you.

Brit Graham is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and soon to be graduate of Converse College’s MFA program. Originally from central Ohio, she currently resides in South Dakota. More of her work can be found in Real South Magazine, The Owl, Out of the Blue Publications, OWU Magazine, and The Night Owl. She has penchant for puppies, cherry slushies, and tattoos.

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