Hostel Bed by Mark Petrie

You springy son of a bitch
you don’t even fit the box
built to hold you your tortur-
ous tarp cover so much like
Kevlar industrially designed
to withhold slackened sleep
lumpy nightmare maker vision
generator conduit recaller last
night we wrested La Llorona
my brothers sisters and every
drowned offspring in the Son-
oran desert weeping vivid as
a monsoon a haboob washed
through and coyoʊts cactus
wrens and up right rattle snakes
amassed into a stampede
llllllllllfeet llllllllllll dangling
lllll twitching lll and restless

Mark Petrie’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Artemis, Lunch Ticket, Blackheart Magazine, Geist, Citizen Brooklyn and other journals. He lives in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he is a doctoral student and University Fellow in English Literature/Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana. He is the winner of the Academy of American Poets/Andrea Saunders Gereighty 2012 Poetry Award, the 2nd Annual Geist Erasure Poetry Contest, and he received honorable mention for the 2011 Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry. For links to more of Mark’s work, please visit

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