Issue One

True to Tails Abandoned by Julie Wakeman-Linn In a big house next to the Indian Ocean, an emerald green lizard lived behind a mirror. Her back and sides and tail were green, her underside was ivory, her eyes were blue but with a tinge of ruby red  around them.
Made to Order by Katherine HorriganAs soon as Mama said, “We’ll take it,” and the desk clerk handed her a blanket, I thought about the last time we took a chance on a motel late at night.
Found by Amber BurkeI was eight that summer, a girl with golden-brown hair and unparticular freckles. I never went anywhere, never left North Dakota–not even to go to South Dakota–but I traipsed our neighborhood the way my gray cat explored and re-explored rooms.
Isthmus by Kimberly PrijatelLouis Émile Javal is my favorite ophthalmologist. Born in Paris in 1839, he graduated in medicine from the University of Paris in 1868.
Street Vendor by Alonzo Tillison The wheels of the man’s wooden cart thwack and squeak on the cobble stone road. Someone new to the street vendor racket would have a headache. But not Johannes.
Beat Me by Amber BurkeI buy my groceries from Pink Dot and get 99 percent off non-grocery items on Amazon. I pay online, say leave them at the door. But sometimes I can’t wait. I need to go to Target today.
The Case for Morality by Kenneth PoynerThe relentless urge to mate has nothing to do with the ever present need to mate. Not in dumbstruck individuals blindly following the awkwardly overwhelming species elemental imperative. You would think they could resist? This is not their planet.
The Other Karen by Adrienne Clarke Karen was standing at the kitchen sink washing Emerson’s orange juice glass when the Other Karen came back. The early morning light was just beginning to filter through the glass patio doors, casting the room in a delicate rosy glow.
Candice by Jessica HagemannCandice is one of the mutations. Some gripping force. We’ve got to mutate the higher intelligence. Practicality issues large scale problems that will impact [eco-, political, energy] systems.
The Dare by Jason Newport“Go down there. I dare you,” said redheaded Eric. Deep in the woods the half-dozen boys, fifth-grade classmates, stood contemplating the pit.
Portfolio by Christopher WoodsThe house stands at the end of the road near a river, always a good vehicle of transport to the other side. He stands in the night street appraising the house, the ghost glow, the promise, a hopeful omen.