Issue Four

Switch by Josh WebsterThe first thing Nikki noticed about the man sitting across the aisle was the purple hatbox resting in his lap.  He would look down at it every couple of seconds, stare at its felt-covered lid, then force his gaze upward, away.

Every Night a Different Show, Every Night the Same Show by Nathaniel BerensIn the darker recesses of Spindle, whiteward of the Drink, but before you reach the skin farms, there is a door.

Eram Quod Es by Caitlin StarlingFrom the moment she settled into the old beater car packed to the brim with all her worldly belongings, her dog refused to stop barking.

Good Bones by Kristie Addison“The house has good bones,” the real estate agent said to me. Translation; It’s scruffy as all hell, but not likely to fall down any time in the near future. It was a good deal so I bought it sight unseen.

Hands in Your Pockets by Kate Fathers“It’ll be all right, you know,” your friend Al says, smoking a cigarette on a park bench and flicking ash on his shoes. Ash, burning, burnt orange dirt streaked across her knees and face and hands and—

Into the Forever Place by Luke Thomas – I fasten the last braid about Jad’s shoulder and step back. My belly flutters as I look him over, which isn’t normal. Jad’s my best friend. I’m never more comfortable with anyone than with him. Today, though, he is to be venerated, and he looks the part.