Issue Five

Pitman House by Will WeisserEthan Harkness cared little about others’ approval. He loved the silence of the night, free of phone rings and engine rumbles, and after hundreds of years of being alive, he had decided such indulgences were worth the loss of propriety.

Paradox by Bridget A. NataleIt was a clear day, which might be why nobody thought to look up. If it had been overcast or windy or something, one of us might have looked up at some point and seen it. Maybe then Alek would still be alive.

Every Preceding Thursday by Alex FriedmanI first noticed that Thursdays no longer counted for me during the end of the Fall semester. When I told them about the situation with my no-call-no-show days off, the administration of the College of Science did not laugh at me. Instead they designated the situation as a possible non-employee threat.

Death’s Door by Emma McMorranIt’s not the fear so much as the waiting that gets to you in the end. Fear is finite: one cannot remain indefinitely afraid, even in the most dire of circumstances. No, I know my fate, that I am both doomed and damned.

A Sunday Brunch in Amber by Kelly Ann KiehlIt was not our turn to have a baby. It was a dry year, nobody’s turn to have a child. Yet, here I was, seven weeks pregnant. My only thought as I lay in bed, my head whirring with the ceiling fan above me: I cannot have this child. It will kill someone.



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