Mechanics of Rebirth by Holly Jensen

Three decades before
devising the Mechanics of Rebirth:

she’s striding home on
the prairie dog kingdom’s negative space.

Her folks’ house, still stands,
Still rots, still sprouts saplings from gutters each
spring. Lines of white birch
trunks light the limits of their property.
Fireflies orbit

her. Through the deep blue bleeding of evening

she sees the convex
horizon flex, relax, and then, fall slack.

She’s paused on the porch.
One hand on her hip. The other on the
frame of the threshold

Holly Jensen’s speculative work has appeared in Pear Noir!, Star*Line, and the Ghazal Page. Neon Books will soon publish another spec piece, “Selected Timelines.” You can find her other work in PANK Magazine, the Midwest Quarterly, and Kestrel if you really feel like it. She lives, etc, in Cleveland.

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