Issue Eight

Happy New Year to our Devilfish Family! With this issue we bring our second year of publication to a close. Every issue is a marvel to us, but these end of the year issues are like levelling in a video game. We made it this far. We can’t be pushed back. To carry on the metaphor, we’re gearing up for a boss battle this coming year. We’ll be adding to Devilfish Review, upgrading some things, and trying out some old ideas in new ways. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and we hope you’ll like it as much as we do.

But enough about the future, let’s talk about the now. Ghosts, androids, magic,  monsters, they’re right here and waiting for you. We’re starting with the end of the world and a new beginning and ending with an ending. Everything between is what usually comes between the two; hope and growth and love and potential. So here’s to our last issue of 2013. May you find what you’re looking for to take you into the new year.

Ragnarök by Gabrielle Friesen -The ends of the world came all at once. It turns out everyone was right.

In a Bubble by Lara A. Corona – There are two ways for historians to do this: You either go there yourself and examine the thing, or you bring someone back who can explain it to you.

The Field Trip by Jack Kaulfus – Kelly almost called in sick. She stood in front of the bathroom mirror for a while, trying to arrange her expression into something hopeful and patient.

What Was and What Can Be by Imogen Cassidy – In September of 1945, the sky opened up, and the magic came pouring back into the world. That’s what they said, any way, that it was magic.

Big Brother, Little Brother by Daniel Davis – Jamie had seen the posters around town, but he couldn’t help himself: he always stopped and stared at her face, trying to think if he knew her, if he’d seen her in the past three days.

The House of Scales by Gavin Neale – Noah slept fitfully in his cot; the pain from his flogging meant that every small movement sent a wave of pain across his back and woke him again.

Rocket Town by Amy Brown – I’ll tell you something about Georgie: he’s a super-strong elephant. I’m serious.

Glitch by Ron Walters -Today is the fifth anniversary of my activation. My deactivation is scheduled for two o’clock this afternoon.