Shannon Connor Winward

I’ve been writing and performing all my life.  When I was little I put on plays for anyone who would watch, and I knew all the lyrics to Annie by heart.  I was an avid and eclectic reader, always with a book in hand – everything from Nancy Drew mysteries to Greek myths to Stephen King. I learned to type poems in the computer lab at school and loved it, the spellcraft of putting thoughts into words in just the right order.  I had my first poems published in children’s magazines when I was ten. *Cough* years later, I still write poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, to do lists and grocery lists. I’m a freelance author, a foodie, an autism mom, an advocate, and a supporter of the arts. I live and work in Newark, Delaware.

I am a graduate of the University of Delaware, where I studied psychology and anthropology (the human condition).  These are fields that still fascinate me.  I want to hear about your culture, your heritage, your inner worlds, your dreamscapes.  Paint for me your fears and desires.  Tell me about your mother.  I love retold myths, folklore, ghost stories, and fairy tales, especially when they are used to subvert cliché and expectations.  I’m also a sucker for anything food-related.  I love science fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism, formal poetry, literary poetry, slam poetry, all of it – just make sure it has a heart and a pulse. I’m not big on writing that exists only to be clever.  I want to be moved.