Minadora Macheret

Growing up in a multilingual household taught me the ways in which language slips and slides between tongues, silence, and those in-between spaces. Creativity is something that was woven into my life between art classes, writing, and those long 45-minute piano lessons that seem endless. As I grew up, there are two loves that never left me -writing poetry and reading. I grew up reading books on everything I could get my hands on, but usually found myself seated in the Science Fiction/Fantasy section of a bookstore or constantly reading myth and folklore. Baba Yaga is one bad-ass (No really, she’s not that bad).  Currently, I am an MA student at Kansas State pursuing a second master’s degree in English and can be found walking my dog, cooking, or finding new books to read while the stack by my bed grows higher.

I love poetry that walks the line between the translation of yourself and others. The type of poetry that takes something weird and makes it ecstatic. Or, even if you look for your pulse in the subterranean level of living, find your strangeness and follow it. I love retellings of myth, of folklore, or even the strangeness of your family history. I look for the poems that ask me to sit down and listen.