I keep a notebook on my desk where I write down quotes on writing that I might want to go back to some day. I flipped through it, thinking it might be nice to kick this year off with a quote, and really there is only one sticking with me at the moment, from one of the pages  labelled Motivation: “Be terrifying.” – Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Five years ago, as of the 29th, we published the first issue of Devilfish Review. That was terrifying. We didn’t know if people were going to like it. We didn’t know if we would last the year. And yet, here we are. We are 18 issues in. We’ve published new voices and established authors. We’ve expanded to include poetry and nonfiction. We finally got up the nerve to run a Kickstarter (70% funded and open until Monday, April 3rd), which is something that has intimidated Sarah and me for far too long.  We’re no longer terrified. It’s our turn to be terrifying. It is our duty as a literary magazine to not only entertain, but to give people something to think about. Terrifying. Terrific.

Once more we have eight new stories, eight new poems, and one piece of new nonfiction for you. From humorous to heartwarming to heartwrenching, we have a bit of everything. in this issue. Our nonfiction piece, A List of Fears, does touch on child abuse, something that I am generally adverse to publishing because it makes me uncomfortable to read about. But this? I read it and couldn’t say no. I hope, if you can, you’ll read it, too.

Welcome to Year Six of Devilfish Review. We’re happy to have you here with us. Let’s be terrifying together.