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Day Thirteen: The Dare by Jason Newport

There are some elements to horror stories that make me laugh. Like when horrible, horrible things happen to people that I don’t like. Maybe I should feel guilty, but I tell myself I wouldn’t be happy if it happened in real life. It’s just fun to see them ‘get it’ because its a story, right? I guess it’s a good thing we don’t get what we deserve.

The Dare is frightening the first time through, but it’s much scarier the second time around. Especially if you think about what the boys’ home lives are like.

Day Thirteen: After Dark Llorona by Christine Swint

As young children, we’re at the mercy of our parents, our mothers, and sometimes, mothers can do some pretty horrible things. This poem throws us into the river of that helplessness, into the arms of a folk legend who is filled with vengeance and wild with grief.

Day Thirteen: Bird Beak Man by Kelda Crich

Who is to say what is sickness, what is health? This poem is pretty freaky because it makes me think of the eugenics movement, and how easily a difference can be construed to be a disease. In “Bird Beak Man” we get to experience that anxiety, that fear of being crushed by healing, to have that red cross of death painted across our own foreheads.