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Day Eleven: Pitman House by Will Weisser

Living with regret is a painful thing, but we can’t always fix our mistakes. Some things once done wrong are ruined forever, and there is nothing we can do about it. Imagine if that regret didn’t last only a life-time. What if it lasted forever?

Day Eleven: Diminishing Returns by P. R. O’Leary

Many of us have an obsession. That thing that we spend way too much time and money on. The thing family and friends wish we would stop. Often we call them ‘hobbies’. The people who love us worry that our ‘hobbies’ will consume us, but I don’t think this is quite what they have in mind when they say that.

Long time readers of Devilfish Review know that our newest baby is the Poetry Section. Because they are new, they don’t have as large an archive as the fiction. But there are some supper creepy poems up our sleeves, so we’re sharing those too!

Day Eleven: Teething by M. Brett Gaffney

Babies are adorable and its hard to see them sick or in pain. You can’t explain to them that the pain will pass or that the medicine will make them feel better. Some of the painful parts of growing up, like teething or puberty, can’t be explained, they just have to be endured. But it is a great feeling when you can help relieve that suffering.

Day Eleven: The Wander Years by Bob Sykora

When we’re young, we’re taught that monsters live in the darkest of places – deep within a forest, in the depths of the ocean, in our closets, underneath our beds. But what if that darkness exists, too, in your own mindscape? This poem forces the reader to consider the existence of that monster behind our own eyes, staring back at us in the mirror. And that can be pretty terrifying!

— Katie Hoerth