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Day Eight: Every Night a Different Show, Every Night the Same Show By Nathaniel Berens

A lot of people rail against reality television and what its doing to our society, but really isn’t it just one more resurgence of bread and circuses? Every civilization tries to convince it’s citizens that they are happy by shoving cheap entertainment at them to distract from the reality of their lives. Watching others suffer can help us put our own suffering into perspective, but what if it’s your suffering that is being tapped to quiet the masses? What if you can’t make it stop?

Day Eight: Strength in Numbers – Madeline Mora-Summonte

So I classify this as a scary story, but really it just makes me happy. I like to imagine things like this happening to every child abuser out there. But despite the vicious pleasure I get picturing horrible people suffering, I have to call this horror. I mean, spiders, am I right?