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Day Six: The Fate We Share by Bridget A. Natale

Aliens, ghosts, zombies, and vampires – it’s never the monsters we’re really afraid of. Bridget A. Natale has brought us a story about one of the true human terrors – the fear of losing your mind. You know – because of alien mind control.

Day Six: Kid Dynamite in Creature Feature by Ryan Tippets

We all secretly hope someone will be there when things get really bad. We like to believe someone more grown up or more knowledgeable will help us. When we read stories about children in supernatural danger, we want the adults in the story to step in and help the children, but when they’re up against something outside the real, the adults become just as helpless as the children. And that’s what we really fear – that sometimes, there is no one there to save the day. It’s us, alone, who are responsible for slaying the monsters in lives.