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The best night of the year draws ever closer and we’re here to help you get into the Spirit of things. Welcome to Day Five!

Day Five – Liquor and Blood by Kristen Archambeau

Kristen Archambeau does great things with pacing and giving us the sense of being alone in that swamp. And it’s always satisfying when the bad guy gets what’s coming to him. And again we see the unusual creature. I love finding new things to be scared of.

Day Five – Night Games by Aeryn Rudel

Hello my name is Sarah and I am a vampire fan. That is perhaps an understatement. Ok, not perhaps. That completely downplays my life-long violent obsession with vampires. From reading everything vampire-related I could get my hands on to taking a class in college on Vampire Literature. Authors like Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyers have turned vampires into cute cuddly creatures of the night, which, don’t get me wrong, I suck up just like every other vampire thing, but sometimes it’s nice to get back to your roots. It is always great to find new vampire literature that remembers vampires are soul-less monsters who hunt the night in search of blood. I love this story.