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Day Four: The Banshee of the McCraes by Louis Rakovich

I’m always interested in monsters and spirits that are often underrepresented. Banshees are one of my favorites. It’s not their fault when someone dies, they’re just the messenger. So it’s not really the banshee you should be afraid of. But then, what should we be afraid of?

— Cathy Lopez

Day Four: Eram Quod Es by Caitlin Starling

Big life changes can be unsettling, and doing things on your own for the first time can be frightening. Your first car or apartment can be great, but often that also comes with your first time really being alone. You don’t have family or pets to blame for strange sounds or things half seen out of the corner of your eye. So next time you’re driving alone at night and you get that creeping feeling on the back of your neck, don’t turn around. You might not be alone.

— Sarah McDonald