In every sense of the phrase, 2014 was a hell of a year. Usually when I write these intros I look over the issue and find the theme we didn’t know we had in mind. This time, though, Sarah and I both looked at the stories in every order and from every angle, and damned if either of us know what was going on. But we love every one of them. Maybe that’s just right for wrapping up this ridiculous year. We just wanted things that made us happy. And I’m not sure what Katie had in mind when she was reading for the poetry section, but I know these are all poems that made her happy. Which, I think, is what literature should do in the end. It may not make you feel happy when you’re reading it, it may make you feel downright heartbroken, but the best literature will, in the end, make you happy you read it. We’re happy we read all of these stories and poems. We hope you’ll feel the same. Thank you for being with us as we wrap up our third year of publishing. We’ll see you in 2015 for Year Four of Devilfish Review.

Enjoy Issue Twelve