Our biggest regret here at Devilfish Review has always been that we’re a non-paying market. It’s also why we are so very appreciative of our contributors. You all have brought us your work when the best we’ve been able to do is jump up and down saying “Look at this! Everyone should read this!” Regret sucks. Screw regret.

This is the third year of Devilfish Review. We want to get some token payments going. We’ve been scheming, and we’re going to try a few new things. Before we get to that part, though, we want to let you guys know what our plan is for this hypothetical money. First up is paying for our running costs. That works out to twenty bucks a month for our Submittable cost and what works out to a bit of change monthly to make our annual domain name renewal. Next up is paying our contributors. We’d love to jump in with some ridiculous by-the-word payment. The stories we get are amazing and we want our authors to be paid like the rock stars they are. Sorry, y’all. We’re going to start out with basically buying you a cup of coffee. We’re planning five dollars per poem and flash fiction (anything under 800 words), and ten dollars per fiction piece. Since we don’t always run the same number of flash pieces, our issue costs will vary, but shouldn’t ever cost more than 120 dollars, unless we go overboard. (SPECIAL NOTE FOR PREVIOUS CONTRIBUTORS: You made us what we are and we aren’t forgetting you! Every issue when the checks go out, we will be back paying at least one contributor. We’re planning to start with Issue One and work our way up. It may take some time, but we will get to all of you.) Finally, if there’s anything left, we will be paying our poetry editor, and then Sarah and myself, but again with it basically being coffee money.

So that’s where the money is going. Here’s where we hope it will come from. We are opening a paid submissions option. Entirely optional. We understand why places charge reading fees, but we are absolutely keeping free submissions open. We offer two paid options: for fifteen dollars your story will receive a single editorial pass from either Sarah or myself, and an email with our thoughts on the piece. For twenty-five dollars we will both read and comment on it. If your piece is accepted for publication, your submission fee will be refunded when you receive your story payment. For now, we are only doing this for fiction pieces. We don’t want to break our poetry editor before she’s even truly started.

We are also going to be old school and throw up a PayPal donation button, and Amazon Affiliate store. Because we are not above begging.

Thank you all so much for your support. This is just the next step in our big plans. Oh yes, there is more in the works! Keep an eye on our blog (step three of the plan is posting more often), and Twitter and Facebook for updates.